Here at Health Haven Studio I have a variety of options available to help my clients learn about

healthy goal oriented nutrition.

Yes, exercise is a huge part of living a healthy and fit life, but


I was raised in a family that made nutrition a priority, which has enabled me to teach my clients through proven personal experience.


What I desire is that my clients grow a love for eating clean

and making healthy decisions. I want each and everyone of them to not only

LOOK good, but FEEL good on the inside. 

Creating Your Nutrition Plan

1. set a goal

2. personalize

3. start

  • My clients both in person and online start out their personalized plan by answering an in depth questionnaire

  • I like to talk to my clients about why they want to reach their goals. This helps me as a trainer get to know what level of motivation the clients' are at and how closely they are willing to follow their plan

  • Being realistic with goal setting is extremely important. I am honest with my clients and help them set achievable goals.

  • Next, I look through the questionnaire to personalize the plans

  • This is the part of the process where I decide what type of diet would be best for the client. A balanced healthy foods, carb cycling, kept, paleo, ow carb, whole 30, vegan, vegetarian, etc. Usually the client requests specific plan. Otherwise I choose what I believe will be best.

  • Some other factors to consider is the client's physical goals (if the want to lose weight, build muscle, increase endurance), their schedule, health restrictions, allergies, anyhow much they'll be training.

  • My goal is to give my client a plan that can be easily added into their lifestyle. NO EXCUSES!

Let's eat!

  • Here comes the fun part. We get started. This can often be stressful for clients to start a new way of eating. Especially when it clients have families to eat around and plan meals.

  • That is why I am just a message away! Clients have access to contact me when they have questions, concerns, or want something changed.

  • My clients send me pictures while they are grocery shopping to get an O.K. on various products, they send me picture of restaurant menus, and they are given heathy cooking and mea prepping tips.

  • ALSO If needed I readjust my clients plans to make certain they continue to make progress

  • NOW it is up to the client to follow through. If they do, they get amazing results combined with their training at Health Haven Studio.

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